Burnaby Location: 604-294-2663

East Vancouver Location: 604-255-8123

Burnaby Kinesiologist

Asma Kassam, BHK, CSNA, CFST

Kinesiologist, Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor, Certified Fascial Stretch Therapist 

Asma is a Health & Fitness educator with training and experience specially geared toward Injury Rehab, and healing the body.

She has rehabilitated her broken femur, bulge discs, TMJ, Adrenal fatigue, and other long-term body tension. Asma provides results-based coaching to help her clients elevate their health & fitness.   As a certified Kinesiologist, she works with ICBC clients with their rehab program.

Asma enjoys body-weight exercises, breathwork, paddle boarding, learning, and laughing with friends.

Thurs 2-7pm
Sat 10-2pm

Initial/single: $135/hr
5 session pkg: $120/hr

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